ORLANDO, Fla., March 1, 2015
An aerospace industry staple for more than 50 years, today’s Staco Systems is aggressively working to expand its presence in helicopter cockpits everywhere with custom solutions and smaller, more durable products that are ideally suited for the rotorcraft operating environment.

The company will display and discuss its illuminated panels, subsystems, switches, and data entry solutions in Exhibit 5263 during Heli-Expo 2015, March 3-5 in Orlando, Fla. Visitors may use the company’s online switch configurator to automatically design a switch, create a part number, and receive a price quote.

New illuminated panels designed to be the most wear-resistant and rugged available will be featured throughout the convention. The illuminated panels use a polymer over acrylic paint that prevents light leakage and is unique to Staco Systems. Like other company products, the proprietary optical characteristics allow for state-of-the-art design capabilities. Its S200 and new S300 switches will also be on display and are the smallest and most lightweight available, making them ideal for space-restricted helicopter cockpits, according to Jeff Bowen, Vice President of Sales, Americas.

“Rotorcraft operators have very specific application challenges and our products have unique characteristics that meet their needs,” Bowen said. “Visibility and durability especially matter to this hard-working sector.” He added that Staco Systems is increasingly called on to custom-design solutions, a change in approach that leverages the company’s engineering talent and strength.

All Staco Systems products are available for installation in rotorcraft and are flying in the cockpits of many models of commercial and military helicopters. Its keyboards, for example, are integral to navigation mapping systems used by airborne law enforcers, its subsystems are routinely used in night vision and camera systems, and its switches are used in a popular helicopter autopilot system.

About Staco Systems is the world’s leading provider of dependable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) innovations that assure the performance and protection of high-value, mission critical applications. Staco Systems headquarters is in Irvine, Calif., with international sales offices in Australia, China and the United Kingdom.


Lisa Wilson