Ruggedized Wear-Resistant Illuminated Panels

Staco Systems is proud to produce the ONLY patented wear-resistant illuminated panel on the market.

Our customized Illuminated Panels for industrial, aerospace, and defense applications are NVIS compatible and made of extremely durable, wear-resistant material. Using Staco optical technology, we have developed a polymer that eliminates light leakage caused by scratching and wear of traditional painted light plates. These high-quality, sunlight readable panels are built to perform in any environment.

Never Repair. Never Replace.

This is the toughest, most advanced panel available today, and the faceplate is guaranteed for the life of the airframe.

Advantages: Surface and legends will never wear out, eliminating repairs and reducing life-cycle costs. Proprietary optical characteristics allow for state-of-the-art design capabilities in a panel display.

Features: Customized or build-to-print designs, NVIS-compliant lighting, incandescent or LED lighting, compatible replacement with any existing panel, unlimited color options available for panel face.


Patented polymer material replaces
traditional painted acrylic

Built-In Hidden Annunciation

Colored Sunlight Readable legends available with no increase in panel thickness or weight


Faceplate guaranteed for the life
of the airframe

A simple comparison that will shed light
on your cockpit.

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Using a patented, durable, polymer material coupled with advanced optical technology, Staco Systems has developed THE ONLY wear- resistant, illuminated panel that can perform in any environmental condition. Tougher than anything else on the market.

Staco Systems Illuminated Panels are available as build-to-print or through our custom development process including conceptual design, development, qualification, certification, manufacturing and lifecycle support.