Technical Innovations

Staco Systems has been a custom provider of switches, illuminated panels and other human machine interface solutions for more than 55 years to the most demanding industries – military, aerospace, shipboard, and precision applications.

Our history of technical innovation began with the first Series 30 switch which was used in a Fokker F-27 in 1960. More recently, Staco introduced the Series 300 half-switch using patented Staco Systems lens technology for superior LED lighting performance and multiple display solutions.

Our newest offering, the Staco Systems Illuminated Panel is the toughest, most advanced panel on the market which uses Staco optical technology and resistant polymer to eliminate light leakage caused by scratching and wear of traditional painted light plates.

Backed by technical excellence and experience, Staco provides the complete development, customization and support that our customers count on for quality and innovation.

Advanced Optical Technology.

Staco Systems unique optical technology brings to life the most advanced switches and illuminated panels on the market. Download the Optical Technology Paper to learn more.

Performance begins and ends with precision.

Staco System’s cutting edge technology offers significant cost and performance benefits. Download our Evaluator Guide to learn more.