Staco Systems offers complete customizable sub-assemblies for your specific application. We have the design, manufacturing and supply chain management expertise to coordinate and integrate the numerous components that subsystems require. Our expertise allows you to focus on your core competencies and keep your production on time and on budget.

As with all Staco Systems products, our subsystems comply with military, industry and customer standards and practices. Services include build-to-print or custom production with project estimation, conceptual design, development, qualification, certification, manufacturing, and lifecycle support.

Staco Systems produces high-reliability, precision electromechanical and optical subsystems.

The subsystems we produce can include illuminated panels, lighted or pushbutton switches, indicators and other options, which are wired and encased in appropriate materials pre-assembled for quick installation in larger control systems.

Features: Flexible design supports a variety of communication protocols, NVIS-compliant lighting, incandescent or LED lighting, customized or build-to-print designs


Unlimited turn-key customized solutions


Available with the new Staco Systems wear-resistant illuminated panel


Custom lighting available for any subsystem configuration

Case Studies

The following Case Studies are indicative of the range of sub-assembly configurations and applications developed and supplied by Staco Systems for a variety of customers.

CS003: NVIS-Compatible Lighted Front Panel Switching Assembly for Airborne Laser Imaging System

CS004: Lighted Front Panel Switching Assembly for Airborne Wireless LAN Control System

CS005: Lighted Pushbutton Switch Panel for Shipboard EOT Communications

All subsystems are prototyped and subjected to thorough design and testing to prove compliance before release to production.